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Liquid Salmon Oil - 32 oz.
Grizzly Salmon Oil really works!
Dogs and cats love it's addictive taste
Skin and coat results in 2-4 weeks
Improves Omega-3/6 balance
Provides effective EPA & DHA

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Super C 2000 - 16 oz.
Higher, tasty concentration is easier to feed! Just half a teaspoon equals 2000 mlg of vitamin C. Less powder to mix into food to turn off those finicky eaters! Buffered with calcium bicarbonate for superior, yet cost-effective, assimilation. This staple nutrient has been found to protect and support tissue, such as skin, and connective tissues in the joints of the body. Acidifies urine and may build resistance to allergies.


Vita E 200
Vita E 200 is 200 IU's of Vitamin E per soft gel. It is a vital antioxidant and tissue healer. Also aids in cellular respiration, detoxification and repair. Bottle contains 100 soft gels. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and anticarcinogen. It helps to protect vitamin C and vitamin A from oxidation. It promotes circulation, healing of wounds, aids in arthritis, helps with normal functioning of the nervous system, improves athletic performance and prevents cell damage and may prevent aging.


Probiotic Powder - 240 grams
Provides a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms
Maintains a healthy microbial balance in dogs
Supplements desirable organisms to newborn puppies
Use during incidences of diarrhea
Helps maintain appetite
Part of a health maintenance program

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Kelp Powder - 1 lb.
Kelp provides iodine to the body for correct functioning of the thyroid glands, which influences overall health. metabolism, skin and coat. Kelp also contributes to good pigmentation. Kelp contains some proteins, is rich in iodine, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium as well as vitamins A, B, E and D.


Alfalfa Powder - 1 lb.
Alfalfa contains calcium, potassium, plus all known vitamins. The minerals are in a balanced form, which promotes absorption. These minerals are alkaline, but have a neutralizing effect on the intestinal tract.
Alfalfa helps with arthritis pain.



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